Why Shred

Why Shred?

CA and Federal Privacy Acts require all business to destroy
  confidential documents in a secure manner.
• Every business has information that requires destruction.
• Stored records should be destroyed on a regular schedule.
• Incidental business records discarded on a daily basis should
  be protected.
Recycling is not an adequate alternative for information

• Most records storage companies do not have the equipment to
  provide shredding services.
• Internal personnel should not be responsible for destroying
  certain information.
• Information protection is a vital issue to senior management
• Protect clients, customers, and employees from identity
• Protect your business from fraud and your legal obligations
  to your clients and customers.
• Cost-savings due to reduced amount of storage and
  waste disposal.
• Secure disposal of confidential material will insure compliance with
  Local, State, and Federal laws.
• Cost effective - saves employees valuable time.
• Shred Pro Inc. picks up and our staff shreds with our truck on site.
• Locked bins free of charge.
• No need to remove paper clips, staples, folders, etc.
• Weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly service.
Pick-up of non-confidential paper for recycling.
• One time purges.
All material is recycled.

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